Foot Health

In order for little feet to grow in a healthy way, we do our part by being scrupulous to the materials we use and taking orthotics seriously. Our products are only made of genuine leather so as to be water- and wind-proof and ensure air circulation.


Things to consider when buying shoes for your children!

When picking shoes, children tend to fall for the appearance rather than considering whether they are healthy or not.  Anything related to foot health should be ensured by parents and us.

The shoe size is one of the factors that have a big effect on food health. Nowadays there are a few scientific methods how to get the right shoe size. But a simple method for picking the best shoe size – if your index finger fit in between the rear endpoint of the shoe and your child’s heel, that’s the size you’re looking for. Make sure the shoes do not pinch or itch at other points.

Beware that the shoe size is not larger, because then the foot would go back or forth in the shoe, causing blisters. A smaller shoe should, on the other hand, might effect the foot structure, bonelets or posture.  This should be given a particular attention for the healthy growth of little feet. Otherwise, feet might develop deformations or diseases, which could lead to serious health concerns in the future. 


 Orthopedic shoes feature an insole that supports the posture as well as pads supporting the joints and even internal organs. It’s fact that all the nerves connected to the organs end in the sole. By direct pressure on specific areas of the foot, we send stimulation to the corresponding body area, encouraging the whole body to keep perking.



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